Metal surcharge:
The prices shown on the website are always without the applicable metal surcharges of the day. For some metal-containing products (for example cables, bolts, electrical components etc.) a metal surcharge can be calculated. You will receive an email from us with the final quotation.
Delivery times:
How soon will I receive my order?
On each product page you can see if a product is in stock and indication delivery time. When you have placed on order you will receive an email notification with the expected delivery time.
Local Stock:
Your order will be shipped to you from one of our warehouses within 1-4 days. Often we are able to ship your order on the same day you have placed the order.
External stock:
The goods are in an external warehouse. Sometimes also abroad. Goods from an external warehouse are usually delivered within 1 week. Due to unexpected circumstances, the delivery time may be slightly longer. If you have any questions about the expected delivery time of a product, please send us an email shop@hardware.nl. We will answer your email as soon as possible. 

In some cases (0.5%) it can happen that an article goes EOL (end of life). This means that the manufacturer no longer produces it and the article can no longer be delivered. As soon as the manufacturer informs us, you will immediately receive a message from us. If you have made a payment in advance, we will  refund the amount.

Unfortunately, we can never give a 100% guarantee on the delivery time. We because we are also depending on the courier. The expected delivery time on our website is an indication.

What are the shipping costs?
For shipping within the Netherlands we charge € 7.81 (excl. VAT) € 9.45 (incl. VAT). For very heavy products or products longer, larger than normal, DHL, UPS or PostNL charges a surcharge depending on the weight and dimensions. We will then inform you about this by email. If you would like to know the shipping costs in advance, please contact us before ordering. We can then calculate the shipping costs for you and you do not pay more than the agreed amount.
Can I come and collect my orders?
When you are in The Netherlands and you or a courier of your choice would like to collect the order. You can pick it up at the following address:
Hardware / Internet Media
Ladies Jolinkweg 60
7051 DL Varsseveld
The Netherlands
Can I pay afterwards?
As a company, school or government agency you can place your order and pay within 30 days after delivery when you are a registered customer of us. When a company places the first order we will ask you to provide us your trade register number.
Do you also provide shipping outside of the Netherlands?
Yes, we are happy that we can offer our customers worldwide shipping. The number of international customers is increasing every month and our existing customers are always happy to come back and order again.
How is the agreement executed?
Your order will be shipped with UPS, PostNL or DHL.
If I am not at home, what happens to my delivery?
The package will then be returned to you the next working day or a day later. After 3 attempts, the package will be returned to our office and we will contact you to schedule a new shipment.
What happens if a product is temporarily or no longer available?
You will then receive an email from us explaining the delay. You can always cancel your order if you don't want to wait any longer.