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FireAngel FIAN smoke detector W 2 SVP 630 EU W2-SVP-630-EUT

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FIAN smoke detector W 2 SVP 630 EU
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Specifications for W2-SVP-630-EUT
W2-SVP-630-EUT has full manufacturer warranty
FIAN smoke detector W 2 SVP 630 EU

ship to the UK: FireAngel W2-SVP-630-EUT
All parts have full warranty and are brand new. We are your partner in European brands and if you are ordering a larger quantity of the FireAngel W2-SVP-630-EUT, feel free to ask for a price request.

Installation tips on a smoke detector You may need some tools to install a smoke detector, including a tape measure, a stepladder, a pencil for marking, etc. A smoke detector should be located 10-15 cm from the wall in case of ceiling installation. We also recommend you install a smoke detector at least a meter from the doorways of your kitchen or bathroom. For mounting of the smoke detector holding bracket use a meter and a pencil to mark the place. Then drill several holes in the wall or ceiling. Secure the device.
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